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Large Format Card Game - German Jass

Large Format Card Game - German Jass

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This large format Jass game made up of 36 cards with a blue pattern will be very popular. This card game is the German version and the game is packaged in cellophane.

Size: 90 x 140mm


A deck of 36 cards

4 players


The players form two teams of two. The dealer deals 9 cards to everyone, three by three. The player who has the 7 of tiles is the one who chooses the trump card, during the first deal and begins the game. For the other deals, it will be the player to the right of the dealer who will choose. Partners of the same team can either announce the trump card.

The player who has the hand then plays his first card, the one to his right will do the same and so on. Be careful, players must place a card of the same color as that of the one who has the hand. He announces that he cannot follow if he does not have one and places a contrary card. A player can cut, in other words place a card of the trump suit while the player who had the hand had started with another suit.

But if a player has already cut, it is not authorized to undercut, that is to say, to place a trump card of lower value than the one previously placed, unless he no longer has any other cards. .

A player who has the trump jack is not obliged to play it, even if the base suit of the trick is that of trump and it is the only card of that suit remaining in his hand. The player who has placed the highest trump wins the trick for his team.

He picks it up and the points that constitute it are immediately awarded to the team. He takes the hand and places the first card of the next trick. When players run out of cards, the round ends. The team winning the last trick gets 5 additional points (Cinq de der). The player to the right of the current dealer becomes the new dealer for the next round.

At the end of each round, the teams score their number of points in a very specific way.

Counting points in Jass

The report is divided into two parts, one for each team. The points are written on 3 lines, as follows: the top line is made up of checkmarks each worth 100 points, the middle one

composed of crosses, a half-cross worth 50 points and a whole cross worth 100 points, then the bottom line which is composed of checkmarks of 20 points. We note the units on the right by adding or subtracting them. It is easier to record points after each announcement than at the end of the round. The players add their points as they go.


The game ends when a team has scored 1,000 points. Be careful if the teammates announce 1,000 points, but they are wrong, their opponent wins the game.

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