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Dobble Access+

Dobble Access+

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Discover the Access+ version of the famous observation and speed game Dobble , adapted for people with cognitive disorders.

The size of the cards and symbols has been increased to make them easier to handle, and progressive levels of difficulty are offered in the rules to make them accessible to as many people as possible. There will therefore be 4 symbols, 5 symbols or 6 symbols on the card depending on the difficulty chosen. The size of the cards measure 11cm in height.

Dobble Access+ remains faithful to the original version of the game: the player must locate the identical symbol on his card and that of the draw pile. This allows you to play with your loved ones and everyone has fun.

The game also includes analyzes by scientific experts, to inform practitioners, caregivers and patients of the benefits of the game and the cognitive aspects involved.

Dobble Access+ particularly requires attention, observation, speed, memory and motor skills.

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