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Joy For All

Interactive plush cat for the elderly - Orange

Interactive plush cat for the elderly - Orange

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JOY FOR ALL pet cats look and sound just like real cats.

But they're much more than soft fur, soothing purrs and pleasant meows. These cats respond to petting, cuddling and movement like the real cats you know and love, but they don't need special care or feeding.

This rewarding personal experience can bring joy and comfort to your elderly loved ones, without you having to worry about vet bills.

  • Integrated sensors react to movement and touch
  • Soft, realistic fur resembles that of a real cat
  • Cat-like movements and sounds
  • VibraPurr emits sounds and tones that resemble real purrs
  • Batteries included: 4 x 1.5 V C-cell alkaline batteries

12-month warranty from date of purchase.

Care and maintenance:
Proper cleaning is essential to ensure safe handling and avoid damage to electronic components.

To clean your pet :
- Spray the fur with Attitude cleaner or a similar non-toxic cleaner for cleaning toys and plush.
- Gently wipe the fur with a clean, dry towel and leave to dry.
- Wipe the fur with a disposable germicidal wipe and leave to dry.
- Brush the entire coat with a bristle brush.
- Repeat if necessary.

Ideally, each person should have their own pet, but if pets are used by several people, we recommend that each person washes and disinfects their hands before and after each use.

Do not soak fur or place under running water.

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