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Attitude Nature+ - Toy and surface cleaner

Attitude Nature+ - Toy and surface cleaner

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This cleaner will be ideal for washing your interactive cat or dog soft toy. It is a product that does not contain substances harmful to health. All these ingredients are completely harmless and natural.
You can also use the cleaner for surfaces such as tables, chairs or play areas. Attitude Nature+ toy and surface cleaner is versatile!

Another special feature of this cleaner is that it does not have a corrosive effect, as is often the case with traditional chemical cleaners. You therefore do not risk damaging toys or certain surfaces in your home. This also applies to long-term use of the cleaning product. In addition, Attitude Nature+ toy and surface cleaner does not contain allergens.

The cleaner is also very easy to use: Simply spray it on any surface and wipe it with a normal cloth or microfiber cloth. There is no need to rinse it with water.

The cleaner leaves no marks on toys or surfaces after use. This also applies to glass surfaces. You will therefore only need small quantities to clean the desired surfaces.

Characteristics of Attitude Nature+ toy and surface cleaner:

  • Attitude Nature+ toy and surface cleaner contains ingredients that are not harmful to health
  • does not contain allergens
  • effectively cleans toys and surfaces without leaving streaks
  • simple and quick to use -> no need for water for rinsing
  • very economical -> you only need a little cleaning product to achieve the desired effect
  • recyclable
  • 800 ml container

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