Terms of service

1. Validity of the GTC and conclusion of the contract

The General Terms and Conditions of Business (GTCB) apply to all sales concluded on the Provider's website between the Provider and a private customer.

Contact details of the Provider:

LBT Group Ltd.
Senior Shop
Bonnefontaine 4
1474 Châbles

E-mail: support (at) senior-shop.ch

Orders are confirmed by the Provider. The contract is concluded as soon as the buyer receives the confirmation. If the confirmation is not received within a reasonable period of time, the buyer may consider the order to be rejected and is entitled to conclude a contract with another Provider.

2. Prices and special offers

The prices mentioned are in Swiss Francs (CHF). They include VAT, recycling fees and processing costs. Shipping costs are charged separately.

The Provider reserves the right to change prices at any time. For all orders, the prices calculated are those displayed on the website at the time of the order.

The conditions of special offers and discounts can be consulted at the articles in question.

3. Terms of delivery

The delivery normally takes place within 5 days after the order confirmation. In case a longer delivery time is necessary, the customer will be informed after the expiration of the above-mentioned period. If no information is given, the buyer is entitled to renounce his order.

4. Right of withdrawal and cancellation

If a purchaser withdraws from the contract due to a delay in delivery, a defect in the goods or for any other reasons for which the Provider is responsible, the Provider shall refund the purchaser the invoiced price as well as the return costs.

5. Liability and warranty

The Provider guarantees for 24 months that the goods have the properties mentioned, that they are free of defects in normal use and that they comply with the specifications and performance described.

Upon delivery, the purchaser shall check the goods as soon as possible to ensure that they correspond to the order and shall notify the service provider of any defects or shortages. Customer service is available at https://www.senior-shop.ch/support. Any hidden defects discovered during the initial use of the goods can also be reported to the Provider. The payment of the goods does not mean that the purchaser waives his right of complaint.

In the event of a defect in the delivered goods, the customer has the choice of either deducting the reduced value of the item, withdrawing from the contract or requesting a replacement delivery.

6. Payment

Payment is possible at the customer's option as follows

a) The customer pays when ordering online with his credit card or bank card.
b) The customer pays after placing the order to the bank account of the Provider.

The delivery takes place after the payment is received.

7. Online data processing, liability

The Provider shall ensure the security of the systems, programs etc. belonging to him and over which he has influence with the current technical means. He shall follow the rules in order to guarantee data protection to the best of his ability.

Customers are responsible for the security of systems, programs and data within their sphere of influence. In their own interest, customers are obliged to keep all passwords and user names secret from third parties.

The Provider is not liable for technical faults and malfunctions which it is not in a position to influence, in particular security problems and service failures of third-party companies with which the Provider cooperates.

Furthermore, the Provider is not liable for force majeure, inappropriate actions and misjudgment of risks on the part of the Customer or third parties, disproportionate actions, external influences, inadequate means of production of the Customer or third parties, extreme external influences, interventions by the Customer or disruptions by third parties (viruses, worms, etc.), which may occur despite the necessary current security measures.

8. Jurisdiction and place of jurisdiction

These GTC are subject to Swiss law.

For claims by a Client, the court of jurisdiction is the domicile or registered office of one of the parties. For claims by the Provider, the court of the domicile of the accused party shall have jurisdiction.